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                                                                BRAND NEW!!! Watch the trailer for the remaking of a lost classic.


Background Vocal Teaser For New ISS Record

In order to create perfect the 5 (plus) part background vocal parts that I envision for my new ISS album, it was necessary to transcribe the greatest and most creative contrapuntal pop background vocal part of all time ("Heroes and Villains" by the Beach Boys) and incorporate the principles contained therein into the title song, "She's a Girl." This was very difficult to transcribe and record. I have incorporated this archetypal musical snippet…

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New I.S.S. Record New Years Day! 

It's been 15 years since I recorded I.S.S.'s debut, "Forget About The Girl." I penned a ton of material for the follow up between 2002-2006 but never got around to recording it. I have finally updated my recording studio, have a nice space for it in my basemen (next to the furnace), and have begun the tedious recording process for the long overdue "She's A Girl" album. The results so far have been unexpectedly amazing as there is a lot of new computer software that can allow someone like me, who has no…

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New Wesbite 

I have been out of music production now for nearly ten years. I have finally gotten my act together and made a website. My goals for the site are:

1) A place to showcase the music I have made with Estradasphere, I.S.S., Don Salsa, etc.

2) A place to buy out of print products, new products, and ultimately the official releases

3) an outlet for the emerging musical talent of my daughter Prisca