The Second Arrangement (Single)

Tim Smolens

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The Second Arrangement (Single)

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Brand New...but 40 years late! It’s the best never released song in “pop/rock” history. It’s a lost Steely Dan song, meticulously produced by Tim Smolens and Chris Bogen. Six months in the making and obsessively faithful to the late 70s analog aesthetic with all the right ingredients: sultry 3-part female background vocals, ripping disco funk bass lines, buttery smooth lead guitar, classy horn section, jazzy phased Rhodes piano, rock-solid drum grooves, and lead vocals by Tim Smolens worthy of respectful homage. Get 3 tracks in this download single, the official mix to ¼ inch analog tape, the instrumental version, the surprise alternate intro version, and Tim's personally transcribed chord/lyric chart.

The year was 1979. Steely Dan was working on Gaucho, the follow up to their landmark masterpiece, Aja. But many troubles were lurking, threatening to thwart the ambitious production. From bitter record company disputes, to serious health issues, worsening drug abuse, personal tragedies, and even musical tragedies. The crowning jewel of Gaucho was supposed to be “The Second Arrangement.” They had been toiling for months on it and completion grew near. One day an intern was asked to cue up the tape for the guys, but he inadvertently erased the master tapes. After attempting, in vain, to recut it, they eventually gave up on the song entirely. All that has ever leaked out is a poor quality, grainy cassette demo. Even from that, the excellence is evident. The lyrics contains typical Steely Dan characters. The narrator is a late 1970s, male, affluent, Caucasian, Southern Californian, adulterous douche bag, who gets caught having an affair with a mutual friend and kicked out of the house. The full glory of the finished product in high fidelity has never been heard by anyone......Until Now!!!!!

7-inch vinyl will be seasonally available, please email to express interest and help us anticipate demand. High Fidelity files (24/96 WAV, FLAC) available upon request by email.


Tim Smolens – Lead Vocals, P Bass, Transcription, Mixing, Keyboards, Horn arrangement, Mastering

Chris Bogen – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Rhodes Re-amping

Matthew Kaminski – Fender Rhodes, Piano

Rory Reagan – Drums

Brooks R. Brown – Tenor and Alto Saxophones

Luke Kirley – Trombone

Aleisha Leo – Background Vocals

Kate Spencer – Background Vocals

Recorded at Poor Will Studios by Tim Smolens, Denver CO (except for Drums and Guitars)

Drums recorded at Colorado Sound Studios by Don Bearie, Denver, CO

Guitars and Rhodes Re-amping recorded at Pop Chew Key studios by Chris Bogen, the “Burbs” of New Orleans, LA

Mix to ¼ inch analog tape by Tim Dolbear at Ecelectica Studios, Nashville Tennessee Acknowledgements:

Marianella Ouellet, Cruz and Prisca Smolens, {Lacie, Melody, Amos, Rex} Bogen, James Wilkas, Brooks R. Brown, Matthew Kaminski, Rory Reagan, Kate Spencer, Matt Groves, Morcaiden, David Dines, Nik Snell, Jason Ursy, Chris Shipp, Jane Smolens, Al and Pam Bogen, Charlotte Brown

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