The F.A.G. Sessions


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Available as an exclusive download here, this virtual session box-set is for real fans of the "Forget About The Girl" (FAG) album by I.S.S., the worlds first time warping boy band. Do you want to hear inner workings of this record, like orchestral backing tracks and soloed 5 part harmony? If not, stick to the standard album, do not buy this.

It wasn't until the release of the "Pet Sounds" box set, that we heard just how marvelous a well orchestrated instrumental backing track could be for a pop song. Often times, the over compressed, brightened for FM radio and doubled four part harmonies had a tendency to obscure the magnificent nuance of the instrumental track.

The "Forget About The Girl" album by I.S.S. is obviously based on a Pet Sounds type orchestration. Now, hear the bare vocal-less and vocals only tracks for the first time. Come see why this is the closest thing to the legendary 60's "Wall of Sound" in nearly 40 years. The confluence of organic instruments and layering of string sections, brass, pianos, guitar, quadrupled bass, whistle, organs, tape-delayed percussion, and real reverb pumped into a REAL chamber, makes for an unforgettable and classic sound. Unmasked are the painstaking labors that Tim endured.

The instrumental tracks also serve as nice karaoke for armchair singers out there!

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