Live at the Blue Saloon (2003)


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This 93 minutes of live Estradasphere is for dedicated (hardcore) collectors and fans who want to hear the original lineup freaking out live. Estradasphere went through various phases in the early years, most of which entailed highly structured, technically challenging music. Eventually the hippie pressure present in Santa Cruz became too much to bear and Estradasphere took a stab at incorporating more song structure improvisations ("hippie jamming") into the set, with varying degrees of success/failure. However, on this particular night at the Blue Saloon dive bar (who booked this gig?) in the Los Angeles valley, egged on by the earth shattering saxophone improvisations of John Whooley, THEY WERE ON! The renditions of their own songs on display here are rather unfamiliar, even to the band who is clearly making up the arrangement as they go. With the original formation of the band now relegated to recollected nostalgia, it is nice to have gems like this from the Estradasphere vault finally available to the fans!

Taped by the original Estradasphere taper Stephen Reysen, this show had many of what he would call "bust outs."

Mastered by Tim Smolens, 93 Minutes

Songs: Meteorite Showers --> Impressions --> Meteorite Showers --> Police Squad --> Ciocarlia,
The Dapper Bandits, Tuvanesque Song, Theme from Beverly Hills 90210, King Krab Battle, Turkish Techno --> Hot for Teacher (tease), Every Rose Has Its Thorn --> The Trials and Tribulations of Parking on Your Front Lawn,

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