Palace of Mirrors Live (audio)


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Culled from what turned out to be their farewell tour (2006, Palace of Mirrors North American tour), herein lies eighteen songs and 2 hours and 21 minutes of Estradasphere truly firing on all cylinders for the first time in their decade of existence (better late than never). Not only do they perform "Palace of Mirrors" in it's entirety, with intriguing new sequencing alterations, but the consumer also gets the stunning "Opening Set," with renditions of songs from their diverse greater luminescent influences. From the transformed classical compositions of Chopin and Saint-Saëns, which invariably get the Estradasphere "metal treatment," to the cartoon jazz of Raymond Scott, selections from the film scores of Felini/Rota (Italy) and Hitchcock/Herrman, and a 30 minute version of old-school Esphere fan favorite "Hungerstrike," the "Opening Set" has something for anyone with an ear. The promise that Estradasphere initially hinted at with their debut (Its Understood), that many a WOMer was disappointed never seemed to materialize, is finally realized here, if not but for a brief moment in time before they abruptly disbanded. Estradasphere has never sounded better live and this is a MUST HAVE for all serious fans.

Included is a PDF of the original short story "Horse Coffin" that was originally included with the "Palace of Mirrors Live DVD," the story that the record is based upon.

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