I.S.S. - She's a Girl

Tim Smolens' I.S.S.

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The 15 years later sophomore release from Tim Smolens' time-warping boy band, I.S.S., is partially an unapologetic homage to the Beach Boys lost 1967 masterpiece, "Smile," namely the principles of music composition and production discovered and implemented by Brian Wilson in the mid 1960’s.

"She’s a Girl" is a veritable journey through the cool sensibilities of 50’s barbershop quartet, contrapuntal doo-wop vocal harmonies, expansive song arrangements amply laced with half-diminished chords, lush 60’s orchestral pop productions in the vein of the Phil Spector/Brian Wilson famed "Wall of Sound," quadrupled bass (run through vintage tape echo), and echo chamber drenched percussion (castanets, tambourine, sleigh bells, hand clap, timpani, glockenspiel, etc.).

Not just a "Smile" homage, what I.S.S. album would be complete without some other-worldly improvised poetry and melodies by George Smith, who’s deep musicality and scathing, off-beat perspectives find a rare venue for their own sort of redemption? Not merely a savant of lyric/melodic improvisation, George is also a fantastic tunesmith in his own right, contributing two of his own depressingly sophisticated, bittersweet, transcendent tunes to the song cycle.

Special guest appearances by Timba Harris (Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3, Probosci, etc.) on violin/viola, Bär McKinnon (Mr. Bungle, Umlaut) on tenor saxophone, Luke Kirley on tuba/trombone, and Rory Reagan on drums.

Message from Tim:

"She’s a Girl" is a record I began writing in 2003 on the heels of the heartbroken, self-pity-fest of I.S.S.’s debut, "Forget about the Girl." In the subsequent years I have scarce found the time to begin this daunting recording, although I knew it was among the strongest material I'd penned. After unexpectedly facing imminent fatherhood in 2007, I was unable to maintain any hope of providing for my new family in the pathetic remnants on the outskirts of “the music industry” that I already resided. More than 12 years later, 2 kids, a transition to a more stable profession that allots more days off than days at work, and a relocation to gorgeous Colorado with a room in the basement for my small studio, I have finally returned to S.A.G. Somehow, the decade plus of musical inactivity has imbued these songs with a refreshing new life. The background vocal arrangements are more varied and colorful, the music production sounds more authentically 60’s, and the result is a more cohesive pop listening experience than I've been able to muster previously. It would seem the musical transcendence of "Smile" (and Brian’s 40 year struggle to manifest) affected me too, though I suppose getting off easy with only 10 years in the desert. - Tim Smolens

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