The S.A.G. Sessions

Tim Smolens' I.S.S.

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This would be 3 disc set is the complete virtual (download only) boxset companion for the new "She's a Girl," album containing all the nuanced instrumental backing tracks and the exposed background vocal harmonies that will add 3 hours of additional tracks and expose the sublime subtleties of the multilayered production. Buy this only if you have and like the official "She's a Girl" album and are interested in delving deeply into the production layers. Casual listeners need not apply.

Laid bare will be acapella 5+ part, contrapuntal doo-wop vocal harmonies, quadrupled tape-delay basses, heavy doses of echo chamber washed out wall of sound-style percussion (castinets, tambourines, sleigh bells, guiro, timpani, triangle, glockenspiel, celesta, organic mouth pops, etc.) harpsicord, wurlitzer, B3 organs, grand piano, and tight acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The listener will also be treated to the original demos of certain S.A.G. songs, some of them horrendous and embarrassing, but nonetheless imparting insight into the evolution of the songs. Of real value insight are extensive liner notes by Tim that contain in depth notes on each album track and insights into the box set tracks as well as lyrics and chord progressions for the entire record!

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